Tonkawa Sound Guide

Short Vowels

a = about, above

e = bed, met

i = it, hid

o = on-ward, ongoing

u = put, push

Long Vowels

a• = saw, call

e• = hey, they

i• = field, wield

o• = own, bone

u• = yule, rule


c = church, chair

h = Standard English

k = Standard English

l = Standard English

m = Standard English

n = Standard English

p = Standard English

s = Fluctuates between ship, and sip

t = Standard English

w = Standard English

x = Like the German Bach, ich

y = Standard English

‘ = Glottal Stop

Sound Guide & Common Phrases

Learning Resources

Tonkawa English Dictionary

A booklet listing the approximately 2,500 words in the Tonkawa language.

Language Coloring Book

A fun way for children to learn the Tonkawa language.

Tonkawa Night Story

“The Young Man Who Became a Shaman,” translated into English.

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