Programs & Services Directory

Thank you for visiting our Programs and Services Directory, please find the contact information listed below. If you are unable to find the number you are looking for contact our Information Specialist at 580.628.2561.

Program Employee #/EXT Building
Tonkawa Tribal Business Committee
Tribal President Russell L. Martin   HLA
Vice President Patrick E. Waldroup   HLA
Secretary/Treasurer Racheal N. Starr   HLA
Finance Department
Director of Finance Diana L. Allen 109 HLA
Payroll Specialist Jennifer Simpson 106 HLA
Budget/Reporting Accountant Dawena L. Pappan 104 HLA
Accounting Clerk II   128 HLA
Accounting Clerk I Trista L. Walkabout 117 HLA
Accounts Payable Specialist Miranda "Nax'ce" J. Myer 108 HLA
Procurement Specialist Michelle Fixico  127 HLA
Programs and Services
Executive Director Joshua Waffle 124 HLA
Executive Assistant Amber Jarrett  179 HLA
Child Care Coordinator Sarah CallsHim 120 HLA
Community Health Representative Floyd Allen 122 HLA
Education Programs Coordinator Lisa Norman 143 HLA
Enrollment Clerk Kimberly "Kim" Enloe 102 HLA
Environmental Coordinator Theresa A. Mills 142 Enterprise
Grant Writer Sue Bellmard 121 Enterprise
Human Resources Jacquelyn Eagle 132 HLA
ICDBG Motel Coordinator Keifer Starr 207 Enterprise
Indian Reservation Roads Coordinator Lenden Allen 201 Enterprise
Information Technology Coordinator Benjamin Allen  219 Enterprise
Johnson O'Malley Coordinator Christy R. Ronald 404 Jr/Sr Bldg.
Minor Trust Account Coordinator Patricia "Trish" Allen 126 HLA
NAGPRA Program Coordinator Lauren Norman-Brown 214 Enterprise
Special Diabetes / Health Coordinator Mickael "Miki Jo" Norman 403 Jr/Sr Bldg.
Tax and Tag Department Mariah Mahtapene 123 HLA
Tribal Administrator Brady Warrior 178 HLA
WIA Coordinator Sylvia Delodge  167 HLA
NS Trailer
NaHoN Project Coordinator Kelsey Blackwell 806 NS Trailer
Planning Department   604 NS Trailer
Tribal Sexual Assault Director Kianna Delodge 802 NS Trailer
Victim Services Program Advocate Kristin Molina 220 NS Trailer
Victim Services Program Director Kayla Burgess 215 NS Trailer
EW Trailer
Emergency Manager Kayla Robertson  805 EW Trailer
Ft. Oakland Police Department
Chief Dean Harp   Justice Ctr.
CVS Outreach Coordinator Daniella Guzman 803 Justice Ctr.
CVS Project Coordinator Dawn Rowe 801 Justice Ctr.
SORNA Coordinator Gabriella Ochoa   Justice Ctr.
IHS & Substance Abuse Coord. Tammy Otero 220 Justice Ctr.
Indian Child Welfare / Social Services Christi Gonzalez 113 Justice Ctr.
MSPI Director   221 Justice Ctr.
Tonkawa Housing Department   628.5301  
Housing Directory Elizabeth Hockert 503 Housing
Administrative Assistant Breahna Warrior   Housing
Residency Specialist Erica Cornell 501 Housing
Inspector     Housing
Tonkawa Tribal Court
Judge Lisa Otipoby Herbert   Justice Ctr.
Prosecutor Fera Terrell   Justice Ctr.
Court Clerk Ashlan Vowel   Justice Ctr.
Gaming Commission
Executive Director Christine Baker 303 Gaming
Administrative Assistance Jamie Smith 304 Gaming
Audit Manager Brenda Warrior 313 Gaming
Compliance Officers Terry Allen 302 Gaming
  Citabria Baker 304 Gaming
  Cory Slavens 313 Gaming
Licensing Manager Kim Allen 301 Gaming
Licensing Clerk Chelsea Flores 305 Gaming
Vendor Licensing Keisha Sherron 307 Gaming
Commissioners Zeke Fletcher, Chairman   Gaming
  Candace Myer, Vice Chairman   Gaming
  Shawna Schreen, Commissioner   Gaming
Wellness Center & Gym
Coordinator Leroy P. Enloe 199 Wellness